Sherlock: Fitzroy Gardens

An outdoor escape room

Sherlock is a unique outdoor escape room, played in the iconic Fitzroy Gardens and East Melbourne.

Use your smartphone to find clues
A murder has been committed and you are tasked to find out who did it and which weapon was used. Go to the location, download our app and explore the area using your smartphone to find clues that help you solve this case.

Work in teams
Get 4 to 12 friends or colleagues together, form teams and find answers. Each team will have a team captain who's phone is used to explore the map and solve the case.

Outsmart the other detectives
Once the time has started, work together with your teammates to find answers. You earn points by completing challenges, exploring the map and being the first team to correctly accuse the suspect.

Gather some friends, go to the location and play the game

1 Gather your friends and buy the game
Sherlock is played with 4 to 12 people in 2 or 3 teams. Gather your friends, family members or colleagues.
Then simply buy your unique game code.
Pick a date/time that works for everyone and make sure everyone meets at the start location in the Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne.

Once arrived, take around 15 mins to go through the instructions.
Share the instructions with the rest of your team.
Once everyone has read the instructions, form 2 or 3 teams with 1 team captain for each team.
Only the team captains need to download the app and log in with the same game code.
Other team members can scan the team captain's QR code to view game status.

Everyone ready? Start the time! You've got 90 minutes to solve this case.

Outdoor escape room

Try this unique new experience in the heart of Melbourne

Played outdoors

Played outside in the iconic Fitzroy Gardens and East Melbourne

Whenever suits you

Fully self-guided, so you decide when you want to play

90 Minutes game time

Game time is 90 minutes, but add some time to read the instructions

Age 18+ required

Requires all participants to be 18 or over to play

Requires 4-12 people

Play with 4 to 12 friends, family members or colleagues in teams


To play the Sherlock outdoor escape room, each player will need the following:

  • Your confirmation email with game code (one code for the whole group)
  • Fully charged Android 8+ or iOS 10+ smartphone
  • 4G data connection on your phone
  • Working camera on your phone to scan QR codes (recommended)
  • Comfortable clothing and enough energy to walk up to 5km
  • 1
    Gather 4-12 friends, family members or colleagues and purchase 1 game code
  • 2
    Wait for a confirmation email with all the instructions and your unique game code
  • 3
    Meet at the location at the date/time of choice and go through all the instructions
  • 4
    Form 2 or 3 teams and have the team captains download our app, log in and accept the T&Cs
  • 5
    Choose a team name and have team members scan the QR code of a team captain to view the game
  • 6
    Start the time and solve the case within 90 minutes, before the other teams

The Location

Sherlock is played at a set location in the Fitzroy Gardens and East Melbourne.
Meet at the green marker on the map.

The address is: The Fairies Tree, Fitzroy Gardens, 230-298 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002


Fitzroy Gardens is located close to Melbourne CBD and is easy to reach by tram, train or car.

Tram 12/109: stop at Smith St/Victoria Pde and walk for around 8 mins.
Tram 48/75: stop at Jolimont Rd/Wellington Pde and walk for around 5 mins.
Take the Hurstbridge or Merna line and stop at Jolimont Station. Walk to the starting location in less than 10 minutes.
Metered parking is available along Clarendon Street and Lansdowne Street. Make sure to check the parking signs!

Answers To The Most Asked Questions

In this outdoor game you'll need to explore the area around you. A basic level of fitness is required.
Make sure you wear comfortable clothing as you'll be walking up to 5km.

Currently this is only available in Melbourne, but we are looking to expand to other cities.

After buying the game you have 90 days before your game code expires.
It's a self-guided game, meaning there won't be a host helping you through the game.

Play anytime that's convenient for you.
Note that we do not provide a refund in case your game code has expired.

The actual game time for Sherlock is 90 minutes, however you also need to get to the location.
And reserve around 15 minutes to read through the instructions and get ready.

Our online game codes can only be used for groups of 4 to 12 people.
Got a larger group? Email us to organise this as a corporate event.

You only need to pay once for your whole group. The 1 game code you'll receive is to be used by each team captain.

Please carefully read through the instructions. The game is self-guided, so we won't be there to help.
If your phone does not work, try someone else's phone.

If you run out of battery, you won't be able to continue the game and we don't provide refunds! So make sure your phone is fully charged.

Unfortunately outdoor escape rooms can be affected by the weather. Our games can still be played in a bit of rain.
Be careful of electronic equipment in the rain, we are not liable in case of any damage. We DO NOT provide refunds in case of bad weather.

Roads and other areas that are part of the game area can at times not be accessible.
If this is the case, please contact us.
We aim to have up-to-date information available on this page, so please visit this page before playing for any updates.

Do not attempt to tresspass or violate local laws and regulations. Always follow instructions and directions as provided by authorised officers and land owners.

No! Once you've started the time it cannot be stopped or reset.
If for any reason you can't complete the game, we won't be able to reissue you a new game code.
So make sure you've got plenty of time, pick a nice day and have read the instructions in advance.

If only 1 person doesn't have a phone that works, that's not the end of the world.
Make sure you share information with each other and perhaps rotate who holds the phone.