Corporate Team Building

We offer unique team building experiences

Our online and outdoor experiences are focused on fun, challenge solving and teamwork.

  • Play with staff in the office or across the globe
  • Suitable for any team size, small business or large corporate
  • Includes a host to ensure an awesome experience
  • A guaranteed way to have some fun and get the team challenged
  • No experience required, choose from 3 difficulty levels

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Online Experiences

Our online escape rooms can be played from anywhere in the world.
Live track your teams progression and results.

Your Team Will Love It!

  • We provide a host to support you during the session
  • Stimulates collaboration between team members
  • Suitable for both small and large teams, no matter the group size
  • Fully real-time, one player's action affects the team
  • Live track progress and results

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Game Time: 45/60+ mins

A bomb is about to go off. You and your team are the only ones who can save the city!

  • Played by 40,000 people from around the world
  • No experience required, fun for everyone
  • Work together as a team to solve this case

Difficulty: Challenging
Game Time: 60+ mins

Ever wanted to rob a bank? Now's your chance! You've got 60 minutes to steal as much loot as you can.

  • Winner of the "Best Puzzle Design" award
  • Challenging, but help is available
  • Great for competitive teams

Difficulty: Hard
Game Time: 60+ mins

Ouch, the headache! What happened last night!? Help Jack figure out what went on the night before.

  • Work together to figure out what happened
  • Our most challenging option
  • 18+, has references to alcohol and gambling


This is how our online escape rooms are played:

  • 1
    Contact us to purchase 1 game code per team of 2-6 people.
  • 2
    We'll send you a confirmation email with all the instructions and game codes.
  • 3
    All participants open our online portal and enter their team's unique game code.
  • 4
    Once all team members are ready, they start the game and solve some fun challenges.

Each participant will need the following:

  • 1
    A computer with Google Chrome.
  • 2
    One video call per team, if you're not together.
  • 3
    Pen and paper.

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Answers To The Most Asked Questions

Our escape rooms are fun for anyone, it doesn't matter if you've never played them before.
We've got different difficulty levels and provide hints when you're stuck.

Our online escape rooms go for 60 minutes, after which you'll get the results.
Haven't finished all challenges yet? Teams have the chance to continue playing to solve the remaining challenges if they'd like.

Definitely! Choose of one our more challenging escape rooms if you like a challenge.
There is a live results tracker available and a built-in leaderboard.

We're always open to new business opportunities. Email us and we'll be in touch!